Boys in the band- lets see yours


Anyone have shots of bands or rock n rollers. I have a son in Phoenix in a band called
Ti22 that are doing pretty well.. I think. I do go to listen to them every once in a while
taking my camera and being brave enough to go to the front of the stage area.

My son is the one with his back to the camera... very shy - go figure.





thanks for taking a peek!


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Pete, I am so glad that you've posted these! I've never seen all of them before and think they're fantastic. I hope that these guys get copies of your photos because I really mean it - they're great. Do they have a website because if they do - your photos should be on there!

Can you tell us anything about the actual process of taking them, besides having the chutzpah to go up there and do it? As in film, I mean to write ISO? Are these with the Olympus PEN?


Thanks BB, these particular shots were from my very first ep1. I used asa of 3200 I believe. It was what ever was the highest amount was. I have really no particular way to shoot at these events.
You just need the courage :rolleyes: to go to the front of the line and hope no one bangs you around. Because they are jumping and head banging. So far I lived thru each one.

My secret to a great photo - close my eyes and hope it turns out great.


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cool thread and nice band shots Pete. When I worked for the newspaper I used to shoot a bunch of shows. I still do from time to time. These are some of my faves from the past few years

This is Larry from Styx

STYX in Concert by eye of wally, on Flickr

This is Randy Threet of the Outlaws

Randy Threet of the Outlaws by eye of wally, on Flickr

This is Mark from local Pittsburgh band "The Letter Black" shot on Eastman 5222 (AKA Kodak Double X) 35mm film

The Letter Black by eye of wally, on Flickr


The Letter Black by eye of wally, on Flickr

and Brian "Head" Welch from the band Korn

Creation Festival by eye of wally, on Flickr
Inspiring photos! I used to be involved in the music scene. Wouldn't mind getting back into it but armed with a camera instead of an axe* this time. Well, maybe the axe** too but don't have the time right now.

* By axe, I mean a piano/keyboard.

** By axe here, I also mean the bass since I've acquired about 5 or 6 of them since I officially left the music scene.


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Wally and Antonio - thank you! I like seeing these different moments. It's fun being a virtual groupie because I don't need that courage you mention, Pete. I've never been a musician, though I did take piano lessons when I was a youngster but once I played along with a of the members taught me how to play several chords and notes on a bass fiddle (it was a bluegrass band), and I will never forget the magic I felt. It was something I'd never felt before. I envy those who are musicians. It has to be an addictive.

Great power in these shots from the wild to the pensive.


ahhhh, good to see this music in action!
In the 90s I tried to play guitar. From Fenders to Heritage, from Ibanez to Paul Reed Smith and Rickenbacker - nothing worked "It's the intrument thatt makes the music, dude..." For this money I should have got Hassies or Graflex, or, or.......:-(

BTW the colour shot of the tattooed arm and the lovely Les Paul is terrific!


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Now for something from a different era - circa 1965/66.


That's me, my now wife and then drummer, and my brother. Very clean cut.

Second shot is us looking moody taken in the practice room built from a converted shed in our backyard.

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