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Oct 7, 2013
Hello All-

I have what may be a pretty basic question. I shot two events this week and both times ran into serious buffering issues ( and once even got an overheating error). I am wondering if I need to upgrade to faster SD cards. I am shooting on San Disk Ultra 30/mb and have ordered 95/mb cards. Will this make a difference or am i expecting too much from this camera and it will not shoot more than a few shots in a row when I am shooting Raw?
thanks in advance.

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May 16, 2013
The Hexagonal.
I imagine the 95mb/s cards are Sandisks.

I use those. The 8gb type.

That being said, there was an extensive research done on the usual Lexar vs Sandisk speeds. I can't find the link right now but the summary is: "different card brands and types perform differently depending on the camera"

I believe the safe bet was Lexar for Nikon and Sandisk for Canon. It was likely you would get faster speeds with those combos than the opposite.

With that in mind, I have been using the 8gb 95mb/s cards with my RX1 and NEX 7 (before) and I have not found buffering issues unless I am shooting on the 10 fps setting continuously (at which point the buffer is maxed out and trying to write to the cards as soon as it can)

I am unsure whether the Sandisk 45mb/s cards would really be half the speed slower than the 95mb/s ones. I think you never achieve the maximum theoretical speed implied by the card anyway,

Sorry my answer isnt much of an answer, but if your vendor allows you for easy returns, you should try the 45mb/s and the 95mb/s to see if either give you a roughly same speed performance.

Also worth noting is that the RX1 is unlikely to support UHS-I protocol so buying those cards may not give you any discernible advantage.

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