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Jun 20, 2012
Hood River, OR
The nets are another related kind of shot. I just keep seeing these long lens, sunset golden hour backlit shots of people splashing. Maybe it's just one guy, and it's dominating my feed.


Jul 13, 2010
Sunny Frimley
Okay, well it's Friday night and I'm home supping tea so......

I dislike waterfall pictures of any kind, including ND filtered fluffy water.
Camera testers who photograph their every meal. I don't want to look at entrails in gravy :(
Street photography that is simply pictures of random, cross looking people walking along minding their own business. I can't do it either but at least I don't pretend that I can.
Motorbikes..... sorry :hide:

In general I hate bad grammar (yes, I know it's generally found in the Daily Mail :tomato2:)
Feet on seats on public transport.
People who discuss intimate ailments in the doctor's surgery for all to hear.
I have a general hatred of "mum buses" and the way that they park up within inches of my car, wait for me to go and then fling open the doors to extricate their offspring.

I should probably stop now, particularly as I gave my husband a telling off last night after going to see a dance show. We had to queue (this is the English Way) to pay for the parking and then queue once again to get through the parking barriers. He vented his feeling very loudly :redface: much to my embarrassment !

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