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Hey all,
my laptop's built-in memory card slot has been fidgety for awhile now. Sometimes I would need to insert the card multiple times before the computer would recognize that there was something in the slot. Today, I get zilch. I must have popped it out and back in 30 times. I also tried a different card to make sure that wasn't the problem. There have no new changes to the hardware or software. I am assuming that the points of contact are likely dirty. Can I safely try to clean it in any way? Or am I just better off buying a cheap USB card reader and moving along?
Get a Mac.


Seriously, my Macbook Pro has been doing that since day 1. Sometimes, when it's in the slot but not being recognized, pushing on one corner (so that the card gets a mite cockeyed in the slot) does the trick



Sometimes the usual mount point (drive letter) for the usb reader is assigned to say F:/ or G:/. If something else is plugged in and takes that spot (like an external usb drive), the computer can fail to mount the USB reader on another point. So do you have any other drives connected? Something to check ... and of course you've restarted, right (just had to ask).


I would just buy a reader and move on. Make sure it supports all of the sd card types you require... But before you do, check the warranty of your laptop.

Incidentally.. I am a big mac fan BUT I currently have a Mac mini (2009) with a dead DVD drive with overheating problems and a iMac (2010) 27 inch with a buzzing power supply that will cost a lot to repair. Meanwhile, I have 2 powermac G5's from like 10+ years ago that are still chugging along never being powered down unless there is a power outage. Go figure.

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