Buried deep in ColdFusion at the moment


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Nov 3, 2018
Pennsylvania, USA
No, not "cold fusion" as in the science holy grail, "ColdFusion" as in the Adobe web server. 🤓

Seems like these past couple of weeks I've been buried at all hours of the days working on stuff for the 'Day Job' instead of getting anything done online. Sure, it pays the bills (and Mrs. Kevin does like having the mortgage getting paid) but combined with other non-coding responsibilities and having to exist in a Dilbert-like* corporate environment I think I can feel my brain cells slowly dying. Thankfully there are plenty of WaWa locations close by to keep me on a virtual IV drip of French Vanilla Coffee. :coffee:

Anyway, I've been around, still keeping an eye on things to make sure nothing is awry, just quiet as I haven't had a chance to catch up on all of newer discussions.

* Come to think it, having just recently re-watched the entire Dilbert animated series, my work life is getting more like Dilbert everyday.


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Nov 3, 2018
Pennsylvania, USA
Having coded for more than 16 years before retiring I feel for you if you live in a Dilbert-like environment.
The group I'm in was originally a small IT shop for a subsidiary of a major telecom; I was a happy geek. The subsidiary was absorbed into the parent corporation. Last year nearly the entire team left in a voluntary separation leaving just two of us who have since absorbed all of the responsibilities for everybody who left. After that we got re-org'ed to a group that has no idea what we do nor we have any idea what they do. As part of the new larger group most of my day is now spent doing stuff other than coding; I am no longer a happy geek.
All the best, coding can be a relaxing experience (if you're mad enough to actually love it, like I did).
The side stuff I work on (like any coding for this site & others) is what keeps me sane. In one form or another I've been doing this type of stuff since the early 1980's; it pays the bills and I like doing the side stuff yet but as a Day Job I think I'm burnt. It's reached the point where trying to adhere to the corporate processes is now taking more time than to do the actual work.


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Jan 7, 2013
Cheshire, England
Martin Connolly
Wow, didn’t know anyone who still used Cold Fusion. When I was working, we had a corporate licence for CF and I loved it...then the powers that be decided not to renew it, and I had to rewrite all my web apps in PHP. I’ve toyed with the freebie clones (BlueDragon?) but it seemed to be lacking in support. There always seems to be some function or other that is missing.....


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Apr 3, 2013
Now I have to scan another Cartoon that I keep at work.

Programmer with the computer sucking his brains out, then
"Insert Next Programmer"...

I agree- time to get your resume together. For a Geek that likes to write Code, not being allowed to do it: unbearable.
I used to judge a good day as:
100 lines of code, a good day.
300 lines of code, a great day.

500 lines of code: take the rest of the day off, your brain is going to melt.
above lesson learned in 1984 after writing 1500 lines of code in two days.
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