Announcement Business Owners, you are free to post your classifieds of any type during the COVID-19 Coronavirus!


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Right now a lot of business owners, in particular small business owners and those self-employed, are hurting due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. At the moment all indications are that large swaths of the world will be in some type of 'lock down' mode till at least the end of the Summer. With that in mind, while we normally encourage photography related items to be posted in our classifieds section, Cameraderie will be allowing any classifieds type to help business owners while we all ride this out.

Our "Buy, Sell, Trade" forum is best suited for posting single items but if you want to post a thread to your online shop in general or have several items for sale that you want to post all in one big thread then we can still help you out best we can. You could post in the "Hot Deals" forum or you could post in one of the other forums and then ask either myself or one of our volunteer moderators to move your post to either "Buy, Sell, Trade", or "Hot Deals".

Note: Posting directly in "Buy, Sell, Trade" or "Hot Deals" is the best choice because those posts automatically show up on our Twitter feed. ;)

We will still be on the lookout for any obvious spam bots but, otherwise, if there is something we can do to help out with your online sales, just let us know.

Here are some direct links....

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And, this is a photography oriented community, here's the link to one of the COVID-19 Coronavirus image sharing threads...

Stay safe, practice "social distancing", and make plans for wild New Years 2021 parties 🥳 as hopefully we'll all be mostly back to normal by then.
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