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These days I spend much time and more mind into work issues, and sometimes it shows.
So there I was yesterday afternoon, reaching into the depths before someone noticed and herded me back to the shop and please stay put. But their wine is delicious, and I'll have some more soon (and I live so near I could go there on foot in an afternoon - but bringing back a few bottles would be rather difficult).

And here we are, looking at the last pics, and re-imagining them.

It was cold, oh so cold and the wolf, oh poor wolf, was dying of cold and hunger. (it always works)

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Blah blah let's wait a moment in the night and please I need to test the 20 f/1,7 and measure the luminance noise could you please stand there and smile and be lovely. Bam.

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A happy guy before two hours sleep and then, out.

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Afternoon, train, Florence, two. And a great sun awaits us.

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Each time we step into places, sometimes calm.

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And more await outside, like this lovely example of brutalism.

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Then it's time for ice cream!

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Fast forward to the morning, and a place on the Etruscan Coast where you can lie, roast, chat

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And dinner in Pisa before heading home, with a drink or two before that, while they put their nose into the guide, Samui style.

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Forward again, please be official.

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And morning, too, west into Pistoia where it's always closed, but not today.

Madonna dell'Umiltà,Pistoia di alfrjw, su Flickr


Madonna dell'Umiltà,Pistoia di alfrjw, su Flickr

Outside the town gets busy, preapring for the oh-so-expensive blues festival everyone loves to hate. Actually, prices drove off most of the crowd to little mini-festivals sprouted into life all around. But this doesn't mean they don't prepare, and ready the pamphlets in more languages. Just ask.

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Walk, have a niiice breakfast, and into a place for the Surprise to bring home.

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I'll have to set a few of those in front of my desk too

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Outside, interaction and checking aplenty.

Who is doing the checking? di alfrjw, su Flickr

They didn't think working here could be so hot. To him, it feels like Africa - actually, it's about 35°C and this doesn't stop the lady from touching every tomato.

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Meanwhile, someone is reevaluating priorities, values, choices.

Have the bike, but. di alfrjw, su Flickr

And in the end, so many people saying the same word together.

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And that's all.
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