Buy GF3 and receive $100 off a Pany lens and free SD card (Amazon)


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Amazon has a couple of semi-stackable deals in its link to "Today's Deals". Go to the Amazon website (via the affiliate link below for and Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more

There's a link at the very top that says "Today's Deals." Click on that, and on the following page, there's a part labeled "Best Deals." Filter the deals by clicking on electronics. Then flip through the deals. There are tons of them including for Pany point and shoots, Canon DSLRS, Sony lenses, etc. There are TWO deals related to the Panasonic GF3.

The first deal is buy a GF3 and get a 16 gig card and camera bag for free. For whatever reason, when I try that deal, the bag is not coming up for free.

The second deal is buy a GF3 and get $100 off any Pany m4/3 lenses (except the PL25/1.4 and X lenses). But it means you can get a new 20/1.7 for $245 or the 14/2.5 for $203!!!

Better yet, the two deals are stackable. So you can get your $100 off plus the free SD card (but like I noted before, no free camera bag).

The free SD card and $100 discount doesn't show up until right before you are about to finalize the purchase. I think one of the deals doesn't expire until 12/24 and the other one is 12/31. But you better check for yourself and not rely on me about these dates.

Great deal IMO, if you are in the market for a GF3.