Film BW400CN Alternative Process in Rodinal semi-stand


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Last night I developed a roll of kodak bw400cn that I'd shoot between one and two years ago. It was the first roll I shoot through the little Ricoh 500G, and from the looks of things I overexposed it badly. I had sent it in to be developed at my local Fred Meyer, but apparently the tech hadn't seen C41 b&w film before, because they sent it back saying they didn't do b&w. I decided to process it in Rodinal, after reading an article on Ilford's website where they did the same with XP2 Super, the other C41 b&w film. The results didn't scan well at first, but cranking down the exposure as much as I could in the scanner software produced files I could mostly work with. I kind of like the crunchy look.

This is the Hawaiian Chieftain, a sailing ship which docks every couple years in Coos Bay, Oregon. The roll is mostly my perspective from the dock, plus a few random test shots. The rest of the roll can be seen on the Flickr album link. I'm trying this thing with an alternate Flickr account, just posting whole rolls for whatever curiosity value they have in being seen as a whole or a series. I'm too stubborn and cheap to pay for Pro so I don't want to eat up capacity in my regular Flickr account.









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