California 2013


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Apr 23, 2011
Hello lovely camera peeps! I hope you're all braced for the holiday season. I had a superb time in California, including my first American thanksgiving, my first time lighting Hanukka lights properly during Hanukka, my first time at Catholic mass, all sorts of experiences. I went on a paddle boat steamer on Lake Tahoe, I went and stood in the sea at Santa Cruz, I discovered that I do know the way to San Jose, I panned for gold and found it at Sutter's Mill, I stood inside a redwood tree with some very special people, I met some pelicans, I fell in love with sealions, I stuffed my face with crab, I went up hills that were not designed for people to go up, I saw some stunning cathedrals, I got locked on the Golden Gate Bridge at night (oops), and made a squillion new friends.

Just your average trip. I've stuck up a set on Flickr of a few of the pictures, there weren't many as our hosts were of the move along now variety.

Jalepeno Tabasco - wow, by the way.

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