Camera Addicts Anonymous :)

Tilman Paulin

Nov 15, 2011
Vancouver B.C.
Had very similar cravings lately. We're all in thes same boat I guess.
Really wanted to buy an RX100 this week. But when I went to my local shop and tried one, it just didn't "feel" right. The display felt too "digital" and there were too many icons and buttons and whatnot :)

So I left it. With todays cameras for me the handling becomes more important than the specs (they're all pretty good spec-wise anyways).
Last time I just mail-ordered a camera I almost instantly regretted that. Bought a "cheap" NX100 that I barely ever used.**
So from now on I'll try before I buy. Funnily enough the NX1000 that I handled at the camera-store this week felt really good :)

Anyway, I'll try to wait until Photokina (it's hard, but it makes sense :)


P.S.: thanks Andrewteee for suggesting renting. I might do that before my next buy...

** P.P.S.: actually, my list of impulse buys that I regretted is a bit longer than that, but let's not go there :)

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