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On a lazy Sunday, I'm pondering which camera and lenses to bring with me to the historic races at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut on Labor Day weekend. There'll be races involving vintage race cars that will be viewed from the rolling hills inside and surrounding the track, static displays of those same cars and a semi-private get-together with racing legend Stirling Moss in the evening.

In addition to my compact gear below, I also have a Pentax DSLR kit. My longest lens is the DA 55-300mm f/4-5.8 zoom. I could bring that lens with my K-5. And maybe my DA 35 and 21mm primes. I have an external flash in case I need it in the evening but the kit will start to get big and heavy.

But I am leaning toward my G3 with 100-300mm zoom. In addition, I could simply go with the 14-45mm zoom and/or maybe the 20mm prime. I own no external flash for my micro four-thirds gear but might not need it with the f/1.7 of the 20mm combined with the built-in flash of the G3.

Another option: Pick up the Olympis 14-150mm superzoom for my E-PM1 (I already have the VF-2) for day use and rely on the 20mm prime in the evening.

Any thoughts? Does a compact super- or semi-superzoom exist yet that is fast/responsive enough to handle some auto racing and good enough in lower light to handle the get-together with Stirling Moss? Any camera can handle the static displays.

Nothing critical here, just some conversation for an idle Sunday.
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