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I have long enjoyed the camera and lens musings of Petteri Sulonen and today came across a piece on his blog which I thought might resonate with some of our readers and members:

I sold my Canon EOS system. I am now without a "serious" camera for the first time since I bought a Canon T70 in Singapore in 1987. It feels weird, and I don't think this state of affairs will last very long.

I'm overall pretty happy with the Canon PowerShot S90 that I've been shooting with almost exclusively for the past year or so. However, I miss the snap of a really good lens, and the three-dimensionality a touch of depth-of-field control gives. However, I'm not ready to take on the inconvenience of carrying an SLR. I need something that I can slip into my shoulder bag.

I've been doing a bit of reading up on micro system cameras...

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Amin, now I have another photographer's blog to keep tabs on - thank you. I enjoyed reading Petteri Sulonen's musings and am glad I read them. So many cameras to think about...but it does help to really think hard and consider what makes us tick, individually, when considering our means to the end.


That was interesting read, thanks for sharing. I'm having similar thoughts these days. There are a lot of cameras, but none quite fit. I am done with FTs and mFTs, selling that gear off (DR is important to me for B&W work), the Sigma DPs are great, but frustrating, Leica M9, which I had a chance to demo, is great, but too expensive. Optical viewfinders are becoming very important to me and the way I like to work. On a relative whim I decided to order the Pentax K-5, a relatively compact DSLR with a great OVF, very good DR and convenient weather sealing. Today, my always reliable and enjoyable GRD3 and GXR/A12 are my cameras of choice; they only lack OVFs. (And add-on EVFs look really lumpy to me. They throw the camera design off in ugly ways.)

I long for not too expensive large sensor serious compacts with built-in OFVs. The Fuji X100 looks interesting but will remain an unknown for some time to come.
Well hello there...

Nice place you've got here.

You're right, I wasn't thrilled about the GF2 as described anyway, although I'm certainly giving it the benefit of the doubt. I haven't bought anything yet, but I probably will soon.

In case you're interested, my shortlist currently includes all Panasonic µ4/3 models except the G10; I'm seeing if I'll happen on a bargain on one of the outgoing models, or perhaps cave and go with the GH2 for the somewhat better sensor. All in all, the more I look at the Pannies, the better I like them—they seem to have a very photographer-centric design ethic, much like Minolta in its prime.

I checked out the Samsung EX100 the other day. It looks like Samsung will be a serious contender in another couple of years, but it's not quite there yet. Lovely OLED screen and innovative design, but a few serious-enough rough edges to get it dropped from my shortlist. The Sony NEX's are rather too innovative for my blood, and there's no bright compact prime.

(Oh, and, ignore the Zen stuff on my blog if you're not into it. I'll try to write some more camera and photography stuff from time to time, if there's interest in it.)


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Petteri, thanks for stopping over to say hi, and welcome!

For anyone unfamiliar with it, Petteri's photography website is highly recommended for the essays, tutorials, and reviews. Tons of great material to pore over.