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So a recent post by @Ad Dieleman and his 5120x2880 5K Mac monitor got me thinking about what types of devices our community members use and what screen resolutions are most common. With that in mind, below are some current stats gathered by Google Analytics. Now of course the numbers are skewered by anybody running AdBlocker or similar to block Google Analytics but the indication is that most of our community members are using Firefox on Macs running 1280x1024. I'm just curious who is still using IE in 2020?! 😲

  1. Firefox = 63%
  2. Safari = 20%
  3. Chrome = 13%
  4. Opera = 2%
  5. Edge = 1%
  6. Internet Explorer, Samsung Internet, Android Webview, Mozilla Compatible, Safari (in-app) = less than 1% each
Operating Systems
  1. Mac = 68%
  2. Windows = 12%
  3. Linux = 10%
  4. iOS =5%
  5. Chrome OS, Unknown = less than 1% each
Screen Resolutions
  1. 1280x1024 = 59%
  2. 1024x768 = 10%
  3. 1920x1080 = 5%
  4. 1440x900 = 3%
  5. 768x1024 = 2%
  6. 2560x1440, 1280x800, 1536x864, 360x640, 800x600 = less than 1% each
  1. Desktop = 90%
  2. Mobile = 8%
  3. Tablet = 2%


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Linux users represent!
Also, surprised by the predominance of Desktop devices.

Also goes to check what my Firefox plugin that can pretend to be other browsers/operating-systems is set to...
I'be been running 1600x900 resolution with Chrome under Windows for 9 years now. I run Norton- but no ad blockers.
This is a popular resolution for 17" HP Laptops. I'm surprised it is not up there.
I just don't want to be constantly connected to the Internet- no use for Mobile. I've used the Internet since 1980.

I am surprised at the number of 1024x768 screens- I guess Tablets and Cell Phones? My 1998 Micron Trek 2 Laptop has 1024x768, 24-bit resolution. After 22 years, the batteries hold a good charge.
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I use my iPhone a lot but hardly ever to visit this forum, can't really enjoy the photos. I sometimes watch this space with my iPad but often enough go to my main computer soon enough. There's nothing like viewing pictures on a big high-quality screen like that of my 27" Retina iMac.
Completely agree. I don't even want to speculate why - but I think that part of the answer is ad blocking and anti-tracking measures, as Kevin already indicated.
Probably so – Firefox offers ad-blocking and anti-tracking plugins (including Facebook 'fencing') so my guess is most Firefox users will have installed them. I for one will probably not be in Kevin's stats.

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