Challenge! Cameraderie Challenge #53: "A sense of Place, a sense of Time..." WINNER ANNOUNCED


What can I say, Miguel. I am truly floored. Of course, the photo has special memories for me, but I didn't expect to really convey that to others.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of all the images. I am deeply touched and moved that my amateurish photo conveyed some part of my childhood to another.

Thank you also for your kind words about my image.

As for the poisoned chalice ...

I will have to spend a day or so thinking of a topic. I've got all sorts of medical and other appointments this week (and another next week).

I also have serious doubts of my ability to live up to the extraordinary judging standard that you have set. I will just try my best.

Thank you again for your careful and thoughtful comments.

Congrats! Thanks for sharing that photo.