Cameraderie photo challenge 13: “Gold” winner announced!


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OK everyone, I’ve had a good peruse and ruminate and I would like to categorise the entries for the runners-up (which is all except the winner, I enjoyed all the entries!)

Classic: @kyteflyer , @Covey22 , @chickenherby
Warming: @davect01
Frivolous: @Petach
Potential: @bilzmale
Automotive: @donlaw
Hairy: @addieleman
Subtle: @michealj, @rayvonn
Hairy and subtle: @drd1135
Smiley: @MiguelATF

All worthy entrants, but for sheer impact, the winner is @mnhoj
Well done, it was a stunningly colourful photo with a real depth of gold.

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