Cameraderie Photo Challenge 15 -- Subdued


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Thanks to all who entered. Some excellent examples of photos in a calmer direction. Picking a winner is necessarily subjective. I can say I especially enjoyed drd1135's shot of the underwater hippo, olli's view of the multi-arch bridge, and MiguelATF's photo of the shop window.

I am giving the nod to the view of the shop window in Talent, Oregon by MiguelATF. Congratulations to all, and I look forward to the next contest theme to be selected by Miguel.



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Miguel Tejada-Flores
I must say I am surprised...and honored. The quality and diversity of submissions in this Challenge literally has left me somewhere between speechless, stunned and always, amazingly surprised, on a daily basis. It seemed like such a simple concept but seeing so many different interpretations has been both inspiring (making me want to see, and then photograph, subjects in different ways) and humbling. Thanks to Doug, again, for a truly challenging - and well-judged - Challenge. I will do my best to continue the tradition (of worthy Challenges) shortly.

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