Cameraderie Photo Challenge 17: Contrast




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OK, thanks to all who entered. I have hosted a couple of these in the past and this is one of the hardest to judge!
It just reinforces why I stay around this list, there are some remarkable photographers here. I am proud to be amongst you.

So my schedule is outrageously busy and I don't have the time to note what I like about each image. :speechless:
I will just say that from start to finish all 11 submissions are great examples of 'contrast'.

I have looked at all of these many times but a couple really stuck in my head.
@MiguelATF face on the poster is a remarkably complex and compelling image - my runner up
@Briar is the winner with what I think is an outstanding image that speaks to me of the western USA. It is like a surreal vacation image that haunts yet documents using contrast on a technical and metaphoric level! Great image.
Congratulations Karen you win the honor of hosting the next challenge!
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Thanks Don, I think! Having to choose a winner is tough as the entries are always of a high standard. Great job everyone and you, Don, for being a great host.

Oh boy, hosting the next challenge ... okay ... thinking cap is on!

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