Cameraderie Photo Challenge #23: HOT!

A small question - didn't these challenges run fortnightly?
Small question for a small mind? What does "small question" mean anyway (also "quick question")? Are answers supposed to be quick or small, or just the question? And how could it be a small question with such a big word? I'd have to google that term and I'm afraid to know what it means. I was born in a fort 70 years ago - Ft. Richardson, Alaska. Nights there were pretty long sometimes, so fort nights would have been about a month, which is how long these challenges seem to be. Or there'bouts. There's no actual rule regarding the length of time. I asked @Kevin about it when I did this one.


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Jan 19, 2015
I'm not sure I'm following... what question or suggestion did somebody say "No" to? 🤔 Was this post in regards to this thread/challenge or something else?
Ah no, sorry it wasn't aimed at anyone here, I just went off tangent when was reading this thread and overhearing those questions being asked between colleagues in the office.

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