Cameraderie Photo Challenge #26: Overlooked

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Okay, since I took too much time to get back to my own challenge, it's only fair I say a bit about every image entered. I'll do it in the order the images were entered.

@pictogramax Iconic, especially since it features one of the things we often hasten to overlook - decay (even though many are fascinated). Dark, moody, strong, with depth.

@chickenherby Something few of us ever witness close-by (thankfully), something one should take note of; very suitable presentation, too (the action is tangible).

@Briar Great catch, and beautiful two-layered storytelling with the "real" story happening in the back - superb concept.

@christilou This is an endearing douple-take on the theme: A need has been overlooked - and hardly anyone will notice because the "important" stuff happens elsewhere.

@emerson An offer, side-lined; nice contrast of textures and patterns - well seen.

@rayvonn Not the things we usually look at, but definitely the thing we see by, with a twist (the coloured light). An image with intriguing depth, too - storytelling again.

@MiguelATF Shrewd take on the theme; besides, the subject itself (the conductor) is also of a class we all too often overlook; food for thought.

@donlaw Quite the find, minimalistically, yet fittingly presented, strong impression.

@Matero Impromptu selfie with another twist - many photographers take such shots just to test things and later delete the results; this one stuck around.

@drd1135 Fantastic minimalistic catch - something most of us wouldn't even look for, let alone see, and precise framing to show that the second look was worthwhile.

@Les Klein Ornaments are what we keep - but never look at; another fitting image.

First and foremost, let me say that having to pick one single shot was almost painful - I love the series as a whole in its variety and really appreciate everyone's contributions; they added up to the difficult task I thought judging would become (I did something really "teachery" btw. - I documented my decision process; I'll not post that here, but the write-up lives on in my archive).

In a slight deviation from the usual procedures, allow me to also present the runners-up: @Briar and @rayvonn with their great eye for the human condition - and their shared ability to produce wonderfully balanced frames; @MiguelATF for really nailing his own multi-facetted approach to the theme; @drd1135 for showing us all that you can make something out of (almost) nothing if you keep your eyes open and don't shy away from finding the right angle ... These challenges only suffer one winner, so I can't share out the honour, but were I able to, these shots would be selected along with our winner.

My overall top pick is @christilou's shot of the aforementioned human condition, illustrating a sensation we all too often view as a transient and unimportant, but which can influence us greatly, and often not for the better: the feeling of being overlooked.

Thanks everyone for participating!



Hi all,
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I know, you might easily overlook it

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