Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #30 - Fun!! - Winner announced


gee aahrr
Jan 27, 2012
Los Angeles
Start Date
Mar 24, 2020
End Date
Apr 12, 2020
This challenge's theme is Fun.
While such a simple thought there are so many simple things right now that are simply unsimple. I thought just thinking of translating the word into a snapshot or photograph might allow us all to escape all of our new challenges for at least a few moments.

Have some fun everyone and be safe!!

The challenge starts today and ends on Sunday, April 12, 2020.
Edit: 11:59 PM GMT

The tried and trusted rules are as follows:

1. Either take pictures that match the nominated theme or select some from your portfolio. You must be the photographer that created the images in order to enter it.

2. Only one entry per challenge, please. If you want to withdraw an entry and replace it with another, that is OK, but you must make it clear in the post containing your replacement pictures that this is what you've done. You can add or change the title and add to the edit line to let everyone know.

3. The decision of the curator at the end of the challenge is final - don't give him/her a hard time about it: this is just a friendly photo-challenge, after all!

4. The winner will assume the responsibility of curator for the next Challenge, and as soon as possible post a message in a new thread in the Cameraderie Photo Challenges forum, with details of the new theme. Don't forget - that opening message must include a copy of these instructions, which also double as the rules.

5. The curator cannot enter his or her own challenge.

Good luck to all and have FUN.:biggrin:
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gee aahrr
Jan 27, 2012
Los Angeles
Just a few more days..
I just realized that I didn't set a time for the date.

Let's say 11:59 PM GMT April 12, 2020.
I'll close it with a post Monday morning April 13 so you'll have a few extra hours.

Everyone, post or no, have some fun!!!


gee aahrr
Jan 27, 2012
Los Angeles
Lot's of fun!

High energy fun, exhilarating fun, pure joy fun, smooth all day fun, more pure joy fun, I wish I could fun, laugh out loud fun, this is cool fun, joyous shared fun and a sheer explosion moment of fun.

All great and all in a time that I needed it. I think it was a few days before where all of it became real for me and I felt overwhelmed. So thanks everyone.

For me joy has won the day.

Third place is Miguel @MiguelATF - a wonderful moment captured and a strong connection. Full of joy and fun.

Runner up is @davect01 - another wonderful moment and you can really feel the connection. My guess is you and your subject think that each other are the funnest people in the world.

The winner is @akuiper - this one has it all in my opinion. The connection with all three - photog included. The expressions. The embrace. And wonderfully lit to boot. A classic.

Congrats to all.
Stay safe and healthy.

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