Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #32 ZigZag - Winner announced!


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Zigzags, as well as other forms and patterns are endlessly present around us waiting just to be picked up by someone and tell a story. IMHO the ability to isolate and emphasize, join and fade is the talent that good photographers have. And I had an idea that this group will make my curating to quite a task. However, jury has now made its verdict and here it comes, with commentary to all contributions.

@Jim McClain
Jim’s picture is a classic. Zigzag fence with strong energizing yellow with blue mountains. What a starter it was!

Well seen zigzag on David’s pic. I really like the light wall contrasted with dark bin or is it mailbox. Can’t tell. Very nice, though

Miguel’s zigzag is great fun! And I like the subtle tones, as well.

Once again, well seen, Don’s zigzags in many levels

Martin’s zigzags, in many levels, it just waited to be photographed. Well seen!

Clear zigzags and an interesting reflection as a bonus :)

Nigel’s zigzags are truly universal, well, almost. You could pick these from everywhere. And this picture lives in time, as well. Well done!

Ricks’ zigzags resonate my memories from childhood. Power of photography. I bet unintentionally. This is the magic of art, you create something and never know how it is perceived.

Mrs. akuiper
There is zigzags where every you look, if you just keep your eyes open. Perfect example, and lots to look otherwise, too

Matt’s zigzag could be wabi-sabi as well. I really like this one…

[Cough, cough], dust is getting me lungs :) Typical Finnish road…

Steve’s zigzag are already closing to surreal, difficult to say what it actually is. Well done!

The magic of b&w photography is to let the eye concentrate on patterns and forms without colors distracting the mind. So, b&w will it be. And minimalism and tight composition pleased my eye this time.

The winner of this round: @emerson !
Congrats and the floor is yours!

Thanks for all submissions! This was fun within all the hassle with opening covid19 lockdown and extremely busy at work.


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Congrats David!
Cool B&W image. Love the shapes in that image. Excellent challenge subject and great images submitted by all. Who knew zig zigs were around us in so many things.
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Hi all,

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