Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #33: Bicycling


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This is not so much an entry as an antithesis to the spirit of the challenge. I found these old bikes rusting under a porch on campus. The strong light through the latticework and the bright green ivy interlacing with the wheels and handlebars gave a melancholy hint of their former glory.


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Thanks, everyone. Here we go:

@rayvonn for a shot made in challenging conditions, and the use of noise to create an appealing graininess.

@donlaw for catching that splendid sense of swiftness and isolation that cycling can bring to a routine day.

@ricks for pushing the boundaries of post-capture processing in pursuit of a final image

@Matero for really capturing the solitude of cold-weather riding. The image makes it easy to imagine the accompanying sounds.

@pdurand for an outstanding image, and a reminder of the bicycles we have in common, even across very different cultures. A remarkable photo.

@Piano I like how the reversal abstracts the image. That looks like the cleanest cassette I’ve seen. <g>

@pictogramax lovely, thoughtful composition.

@serhan a ‘decisive moment’ well captured.

@theoldsmithy I like how tilting the horizon line adds to this photo. Nice technique.

@Frem wonderful timing to capture ‘everything must go’ as the backdrop.

@MiguelATF for his usual whimsical humour, which never fails to bring a smile.

Which brings us to the winner of this challenge, @KillRamsey, for an image that to me fundamentally conveys the way that cycling opens the world to us, especially as kids. Well conceived, well captured, well presented.

Over to you, Kyle.


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How did this challenge completely fly under my radar?!? (Ah, must've been the 70 hour + workweeks :) ). Anyway, living in Holland one tends to get shots ofncycling, cyclists and bikes whether one wants to or not :p so I would've had much to choose from.

Kyle, that's a wonderful shot, congratulations! And Emerson, thanks for hosting!

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