Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge number 27 Love


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I was looking to enter but after searching through my images, I couldn't find one that would do this challenge justice. It was then when I realised how hard it was. So to the those that were able to participate, let alone the winner - very well done.


Sunny Frimley
Challenge Winner Announced ......

I have loved looking at the entries. Quite a difficult task as they all have the "awww ... " factor!

Tonyturley ...... your doggy on his/her walk shows just how much part of the family a dog becomes.

West ..... Stilts, what can I say but I admire the fact that she can actually play the violin whilst balanced like that!

Chickenherby ..... The two little girls definitely have the aww factor and the warmth of the colour reflects their love for each other.

Don law ...... Lots of kitties and obviously much loved. Hope you didn't have to choose between them!

drd1135 ..... Love these two leopards (I think). Looking very relaxed here.

pdurand ....... Very romantic sunset picture certainly fits the bill.

The winner is however Jim McClain with his horse and rider. This just has the wow factor. The feelings between these two look entirely mutual so very well done for capturing this magic moment :)


I really like this shot, but there is that weird pattern in the grass. I took multiple shots, and it's in all the jpgs and RAW files.
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Good Morning,

I love your picture. Beautiful cats.
My guess is that the 'pattern in the grass' is actually the de-focussed blurr of the FENCE between you and those hunter killers!


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