Fuji Can Fuji charger charges 3rd party battery like Wasabi?


Not all third party batteries. Some require that they use their own charger and they won't charge Fuji OEM batteries in their charger. Personally, I would steer clear of any batteries that cannot be charged in the OEM charger.

If you are in the US, I highly recommend Watson batteries from B&H Photo. Their NP-W126 batteries work every bit as good as the OEM version and they are half the price. I also have a Watson travel charger that I use for both my N-W126 and NP-95 batteries. Watson has interchangeable plates so you can charge more than one type of battery with the same charger. The charger also has a USB charging port so I can use it for my smartphone or to charge my X100T while I'm also charging a battery for my X-E2.

I also hear that Wasabi batteries from Amazon are also as good as the OEM batteries.


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Wasabis are cheap, and the price differential is not worth buying them individually. Just get the package of two with the charger. I have a whole octopus in a corner connected to a reinforced-load outlet with all my chargers. Some nights after a long day's shoot it looks like an airport runway with all the blinking lights.

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