Can I rent the X100 to get a feel for Fuji?


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With the XE1 approaching, I was thinking I'd rent the X100 for the weekend, and try out both the hybrid VF and the eletronic VF and also the ergonomics. Lastly, to check and see the quality of the Fuji jpgs.

My question is -- if I rent the X100, will I really learn anything about the other cameras, or are they just really different? I was going to rent an XPro 1, but with the old Firmware, I didn't want to taint my opinion of it.

Or, should I rent the XPro 1 anyway, because the new FW won't really make much of a difference? I am more of a 50mm shooter anyway, so I am concerned the X100 might leave me short in the experience (as opposed to renting the XPro 1 + 35mm lens)


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I could just wait until Sept 18th to rent with the new FW, but we're going to a pig roast this weekend, and I thought that'd be a great time to test a new camera.
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I never thought the X-Pro1 was slow so I wouldn't bother to wait. If you want great pics of the pic roast, I would consider taking one of the cameras that you are already familiar with. Just my 2 cents....I suppose you can stick that RX100 in a pocket anyways in case you and the Fuji don't get along.


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In agreement with Luke that you should use a camera you are familiar with so that you don't miss the shots you want during the roast. If it's just a reason for you to get out and you won't mind losses, then I'd choose the x100. The only reason is you are already wondering about the fw for the xpro so you might not be satisfied with it's performance and that would be a bad instance to judge it on since improvements are coming out soon. The x100 has had some good updates to give you an accurate idea of its performance.

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