Leica Canon 35/2 with Leica M8


I used the Canon 35/2 while I used on the M9 the Canon 35/1.5

link for Canon 35/2: M8_Canon_35mm_2.0 2017 - raid









This is a sharp lens- far more contrast than the 35/1.8 that it replaced. I picked one up cheap that required haze be cleaned out of the inner elements on each side of the aperture ring, as happens with many of the later Canon RF lenses.

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Did you know there was a Version One and Version Two of the Canon 35mm F2? The Version Two had slightly different cosmetics and possibly improved coating. They are much rarer than the first version.

I own and have shot with both versions with the Leica M9. To my eye, the Canons are a little less sharp than the 35mm Leica Summarons and Summicrons of the same era.

On the other hand, I also have the 35mm Canon f1.5 which is razor sharp to my eye when stopped down beyond f4 or so. Its close rival, the Nikkor 35mm f1.8 in LTM is neck and neck with the Canon 1.5. I prefer the Nikon lens because I'm a lifelong Nikon fan, but both produce excellent results.

I think most of the 1950's era Canon lens were high quality and you can't go wrong with almost any of them.
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