Leica Canon 50mm f0.95


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Finally got the lens back from DAG today. Wow, this beast is big and heavy. It is also not that easy to focus at wide open. Even with the 1.25x magnifier, I am struggling. As compare to the Noct 0.95, I find this one a little harder to focus and image seems to be a little softer. Not bad however considering the price differential. I actually wish that the barrel is a little longer for better balance.

Here are a few quick snap this evening. Aperture never left 0.95.

L1001143.jpg by VINCEKTAN, on Flickr

L1001141.jpg by VINCEKTAN, on Flickr

I also am waiting for another dream lens that should arrive at the end of next week, that one is a Nikon mount Petzval. I will try it with the M since I don't have any Nikon body.
It looks like DAG did a great job with the calibration- can you post some pictures of the lens after surgery?

This is with my RF coupled version on the Canon 7.

It was dark, ISO400 film, F0.95, 1/15th second. I focused on the Keyboard. This lens is amazing, 7 elements in 5 groups, massive front element- little vignetting.
Wide-Open, focus and then compose.

at F1.4, it sharpens up considerable.

My "speculation", this lens has a lot of spherical aberration purposely designed in; gives a more "plastic look", and spreads the depth of field out a bit. Makes it easier to focus. Also gives it the unique look compared to a modern ultra-speed lens.


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Brian, those are great shots of your daughter. I find it challenging to focus. Might just need to get used to. DAG did a great job at the conversion. He CLA'd the whole lens before the conversion. I'm sure the lens was already in clean condition but that is part of DAG service for this lens. The frustrating part is that it took him over a month to do the RF coupling. He mentioned that it was not easy to convert the TV lens. But he does have all the equipment to calibrate the lens so the focus is usually spot on when he calibrate the lens. I will post some pictures of the lens tomorrow.
A month at DAG's- is a short amount of time. I've heard of people waiting a very long time (many months) while parts had to be made.

I don't use mine much, but do have the C-Mount adapter. I keep it on a Canon 7 that looks new. Also found the custom case for the camera with lens. Some point, will get a mirrorless camera - most likely a Sony- and get the Canon 7 breech-lock adapter for it.
The pictures look great, and DAG did a fantastic job. He is getting some custom made parts for that conversion.

I'm tempted- but still like it on the Canon 7.


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If you don't minding posting, what did the conversion with a CLA run you? I've been thinking of purchasing this lens and having it converted as it's much harder to find one already converted with the 6 bit coding. It's kind of hard for me to justify, since I already own a 50mm lux.


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I also have a 50mm lux but the rendering of this lens is a little different. As for the conversion, it came out to $523 including shipping and a lot of patience. But well worth it as Don did an excellent job as usual. He did say that it is not an easy conversion especially the TV lens.


The weight would be a problem for me. I may use a heavy lens a few times, but then it gets shelved. The 75/1.4 Lux comes to mind.


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I find the 75 to be ok since I find the balance ok. The Noct f0.95 was a problem for me. I am actually on the fence with the Canon. I find the lens heavy but at the same time, since it is short, it is easy to fit the bag. With the M 240 heavier to start with, hard to say how long I will keep it mounted. It does have a special rendering.
I bought this lens ~10 years ago because of the bad reputation that it got on the internet. The bad rep was undeserved, ended up buying a second one. That one- I kept.
The current price of these lenses has hit $2500+. I would not part with my current lens as it is a piece of optical history. But- for a superspeed lens, the 50/1.1 Nokton is the most under-rated lens ever made.


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Some point, will get a mirrorless camera - most likely a Sony- and get the Canon 7 breech-lock adapter for it.

Brian, the 50/ 0.95 works well on a Sony a7 mirrorless, but is kinda overwhelming size and weight. I use mine with a 0.95 to NEX adapter purchased on eBay. t

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