Leica Showcase Canon 85mm f/1.5 LTM


May 31, 2011

DSC02744 by unoh7, on Flickr

L1024382 by unoh7, on Flickr

L1024387 by unoh7, on Flickr

L1024396 by unoh7, on Flickr

L1024445 by unoh7, on Flickr

The lens has a rep for being "soft wide open". Compared to a 75 lux maybe it is, but check detail above. Does not look soft on my screen.

and if you stop down to F/5.6:

L1024457 by unoh7, on Flickr

I use this often for events :)

This was not a bright day, expect more contrast with more sun :)

The lens is actually more rare than the 85/1.8, if production numbers are accurate. I bought this one for 500USD with some scratches on the front element, otherwise very clear glass.

It's built for a street fight. Or breaking and entering LOL

But.... it's 20 grams lighter than the 135/2.8 Elmarit!


Jul 7, 2010
Those look great. Raid- love seeing the pictures of the girls from a few years ago.

The Bokeh has the swirlies to it, definitely reminds me of the 5cm F1.5 Simlar.

You guys are making it hard on me!

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