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Everything is true:

  • I agree that Canon doesn't need a mirrorless system.
  • They make good compacts and DSLRS, including small DSLRs.
  • Manufacturing mirrorless would require a loss leading period and risks undermining their reputation.
  • Mirrorless systems would also cross-compete with existing Canon products.
  • Joining M4/3 would not serve Canon in the long run

However, a year or three from now, the situation may be different.


I woud tend to agree that it doesn't make much sense for Canon to make a mirrorless system. They're the largest maker of cameras in the world with a hugely successful line of compacts and DSLRs. They are good at what they do. Mirrorless cameras don't fit into their product mix nor their customer base. Would I buy a Canon camera? Probably not. I have no issues with their products other than I just don't care for them. Is their decision a smart one for the long term? That depends on how popular they become. Microsoft waited too long to come out with a competitor to the iPod and look where it got them. You could argue that at that time Apple was a company that had not done a good job with their core product in competing with MIcrosoft. The subsequent popularity of the iPod opened up new markets and opportunities for Apple and a decade later they are heading toward being the first trillion dollar company. Microsoft is still hugely successful but it could be argued they should have paid more attention to things a decade ago.