Canon Canon EOS R5: Big if True

Apr 2, 2018
Judging by the preannouncement by Canon, the upcoming EOS R5 is looking to be a big player.

I don't always see eye to eye with Canon wrt their lenses but I have to recognize their absurdly vast catalogue of EF lenses, many of which, are very good. With the RF lenses they chose to aim high for greatness and now if R5 is what they promise it is, there's a killer body to mount those beautiful lenses, new and old.

The body appears to share the dimensions of EOS R. Great too, it's a good sized body with good ergonomics, I understand. Great to have really strong cameras hit the market.

(The DPReview news article gathered 500 comments in a very short time. Assuming it's a riot between fanboys of various camps I'm not touching that s**tshow.)
Apr 2, 2018
Over at Youtubes, Jared Polin tried out the 1DX mark III and found its "mirrorless" capabilities very, very good. "Almost Sony A9 level good."

The development team at Canon is obviously keeping busy and there's a strong chance they're having a real Sony challenger at their hands, with their upcoming mirrorless release.

That is, if they choose to allow their mirrorless bodies be better than their DSLRs :)

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