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Share some photos taken with the excellent Canon G series cameras!

Here's one of mine to get started, taken with a G10 at Centennial Park in Ellicott City, MD:

Wow, is right - to all three of these photographs on their own merits!

Amin, what amazing good fortune to come upon handsome buck! The first thing I thought of when I saw that was the movie The Deer Hunter. Really, how can one not admire such a regal looking animal. Was it a total surprise for you to look up and see him gazing at you? I probably would have just stood there with my mouth open!

Maynak, that is an incredible photograph of a Water Strider! I must add that they grow them much, much larger in your country, than ours...or at least the versions I have seen her in the northeastern USA. You captured a lovely combination there - the soft, almost tactile water and your strider's crisp, clean lines. However, I have to say I am in love with "Made for each other" - wow is an understatement. Your Spotted Owl and his mate are pure simplicity and perfection.
Thanks for your kind words, BBW (sorry, I don't know your name yet). I agree, the Buck looks almost like a sculpture in Amin's image and the surrounding vegetation quite surreal to give an overall effect not unlike a painting! The Pond Skaters we have here are about 1" long (body size), this image has been cropped a lot but yet retains enough detail, that's the magic of a G9 raw file!
Wonderful description of Amin's image! True it's very much like a painting.

Aha, well your strider's are still bigger than the one's I've seen, and I'm quite happy about that since I was swimming with them.;)

My name is actually BB. Well, it's a nickname but that's a long story for another time and place.:D
Thanks, Mayank and BB. BB, I did sort of freeze when I saw him. Then I ran to my wife to get the camera, and to my amazement, he hadn't moved an inch when I got back. I remember wishing at the time that the G10 had the reach of the G9.

Mayank, I love 'Made for each other'. Really lovely composition.
G10 / high ISO (I don't recall exactly) / 2 second exposure.


Toward the end of a concert by Teresa Christina, when things were calming down. Note that the last remaining dancers become ghosts.

I tried "correcting" the white balance, then undid the change. The lighting was red, so that's what colors felt like at the tim.

This photo fails all technical considerations of a "good photo". Not only the color balance, but also highlight clipping in the bar area and the loss of detail in the dark areas in a large proportion of the image. Clearly, I would have gotten a technically better image with a large sensor. I would not have been carrying a large-sensor camera, however, so I would have missed the shot.
A couple more from the same night. This one shows more clearly that the color indoors was intentionally reddish. It also gives a sense of the really beautiful location for this wonderful concert/bar/dance spot.

And this final one is of the stage before the performance. Here you can see how they were playing with light colors that night.
The Canon G7 is a fine camera that was a companion to my Zeiss Ikon and Canon 30D for some time. I didn't like it at first, but after I got used to how it worked, I carried it everywhere and took many fun images with it. I even took it to China for ten days and left the 30D at home, and given the amount of walking I did, I'm glad. Under many circumstances, the Canon G's like the G7 and G10 do just as well as a DSLR. Low light or shallow depth of field aren't their bags, but they are very versatile cameras nonetheless.

I snapped this on one of my regular photowalks through Melbourne's CBD. This is a view from Princess Bridge, which crosses the Yarra River, just south of the city centre.

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The following image is of a lifesize statue by Bruno Torfs, modeled after the famous painting of the Lady of Shalott by Waterhouse. This statue was destroyed in a massive bushfire that ravaged the area, but one year after, I returned to see that it had been rebuilt.

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The 6x zoom of the G7, coupled with a 35mm eq. wide angle, gives it a pretty versatile range. I especially like the G7's zoom for concerts and travel. This was taken in China, at the Shaolin Temple. The girls were standing on a very high stage that was on top of a high stone wall. Behind the wall, I saw dozens of these girls training by doing handstands for minutes at a time, feet supported by the wall.

Thanks Amin for sharing this great shot with us.
The G10 has an optical viewfinder. Is the effect of zooming visible (how) in the OVF ?
Or is OVF meant for mainly use in bright light (sunshine) ?

Have a nice day, Herman
Dear Arpoador,

Thanks for the photo! (Toward the end of a concert by Teresa Christina)

Personally I do believe that, regard the technical aspects of not to be a “good photo”, it is a superb picture, because it puts down the atmosphere of that moment, and that is what I think, makes this a great photo!