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Canon G Series Image Thread

Jan 7, 2013
Cheshire, England


Jul 14, 2010


Jan 19, 2015
I'm often tempted to go through my archives and dig up the raw files from the old G9 from 8/9 years ago and apply the PP skills to the files which I've learned in that time.


Top Veteran
Jul 11, 2010
Melbourne, Australia
Yes, I cringe when I look at some of my earlier efforts.
I didn't start shooting raw until 2008, and only with the Sigma DP1 because it was necessary to get a decent image from it. Hardly any of my Canon G series or DSLR images were in raw until 2009 or later, so there's years of images that didn't get the benefit of raw. 30D and 5D Mark II jpegs were pretty malleable, although the real benefits came from raw. My photography mentor told me as early as 2004 that I should be shooting raw, but I didn't take her advice for ages. Back then, CF cards (remember those?) were expensive and limited in storage - a 1GB card was like a square of gold - and I liked to shoot a LOT. So rather than limit my ability to shoot, I used jpeg for years.

The Canon G7 lacked the ability to shoot raw at all; in order to do it, you had to use a hack. The raws were okay, but not spectacular. I think the real difference came through with larger sensor cameras at that time.

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