Canon Canon G12 is here!


I guess it's official now even though none of the camera review websites have yet published the news:
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Some thoughts:
1. Canon seems to be stretching the G-series this time, not adding anything really significant over G11. (Significant in this case refers to larger sensor / ultrawide lens / smaller form factor / faster lens / more tele / evf / filter threads.)
2. Times have changed since the launch of G10 and G11. M4/3 seems to be competing directly with the G-series and Olympus EPL-1 is not only about the same size, it is almost the same price now. If I were to spend $500 on a serious compact, I wouldn't think twice about getting the EPL-1 instead, which is in a different league all together. As far as fixed lens compacts go, S95 (smaller size and $100 less than G12) appeals to me more.
3. Nikon has complicated the equation by launching P7000 for the same price and roughly the same form factor. P7000 looks promising and many have already raved about its IQ. Panasonic Lumix LX5 (also priced at $500) launched a little earlier is also getting rave reviews. The G12 will have to be 'really special' to compete with P7000, LX5 and EPL-1.

Any thoughts?
OK, here's something significant about the G12, essentially an accessory that should appeal to serious photographers and one I hope will fit G10 and G11 too! According to the press release posted at DP Review :

"Extended shooting abilities
The PowerShot G12 offers comprehensive support for a wide range of accessories, expanding both the creative possibilities and providing enhanced results in certain shooting situations. A new lens filter adapter FA-DC58B attaches directly to the lens barrel ring, providing the ability to attach 58mm diameter Canon filters – such as a Circular Polarizer, Neutral Density, Protect and UV. The FA-DC58B is designed to move along with the lens while zooming, preventing vignetting at the wide-angle end of the zoom and providing filter coverage throughout the full optical zoom range of the lens."

Photographs of the G12 with the new filter adaptor can be seen at:
PHOTOS: Canon PowerShot G12 hands-on - photo 24 - Pocket-lint