Micro 4/3 Canon G12? No, better Panasonic G1 or G2

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Guys, I am increasingly convinced to take the Panasonic G1 and forget the Canon G12.

Why? Located at roughly the same price, even in a store online pana costs less, but particularly:the size and weight!!!

dimensions: 124 x 83.6 x 45.2 mm weight: 195 g

size: 112.1 x 76.2 x 19.0 mm weight: 401 g (!)

faced greater weight of canon g12 and saves space on, where would the convenience of taking the compact rather than the micro 4/3? I look forward to feedback.


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different cams - (and different financial costs)

the G12 is a very very good P & S - maybe the best for the money - with a zoom lens - that's it as far as cost is concerned, (unless you want a close up kit)

IQ (may) be the same 90% of the time depending on size of image that you want to print or see

The G1 has a bigger sensor plus the use of interchangeable lens - AF or MF, (with an adapter)

With the G1 you need to buy additional lens, (at least one?), if you want the (focal) range that the G12 offers - such lens will cost almost as much or maybe more than the cost of the camera, (G12 or G1)

The G12 will be more "pocketable" size wise most of the time

The S95 has the same sensor as the G12 and is a lot smaller

"horses for courses" - as we say



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The Panasonic G series cameras are significantly bigger than the G12, even without the lens. I don't know how the dimensions are measured, but if size is important I would really recommend trying to see and hold both in person to get a sense of their size. The size of a M 4/3 camera will also depend on the lens you use, the kit zoom adds even more bulk, but a pancake lens will not (but adds to the cost.)

IMO M 4/3 does deliver a significant IQ improvement at a comparable price, but the importance of that is subjective for each user.

I would also consider the S90 or S95 (S90 would be a great choice if you're on a budget), as they offer very similar IQ to the G12 and are actually pocketable cameras. I would also consider the Olympus E-P1 which can be bought online for great pricing now, or the Panasonic GF1. The Olympus E-P1 and E-PL1 are great low light cameras as their JPEG processing is very good and they have in-body image stabilization.

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