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Lenstip / Optyczne Canon G7x Review

"For JPEG results show that this drawback is hardly noticeable. A completely different picture emerges from us, when we look at the RAW files. Size of the defect reaches a high level of -20.4% for wide angle - so high distortion is almost distortion, which used to be called fish-eye effect. Increasing the focal length equivalent to 50 mm neighborhoods already reduces the amount of distortion to the level of -2.38%, which goes into the pincushion distortion of + 1.07% for the telephoto position."

Final rating:
"We consider a model G7 X as a solid deal for people buying their first advanced compact camera. Is it worth it to change the featured model on the S120? Definitely yes - a large matrix shows that this camera will do a satisfactory picture not only good, but also in more demanding conditions. Other question that it is difficult to tell, is this: is it better to choose the camera instead of the Sony RX100 III? In this case a sensible answer is "depends on the application."

In our opinion, the G7 X model will appeal to SLR holders who want to have a small, housed in a pocket camera, ensuring great quality images even at high ISO and enabling better separation of photographic subjects from the background in comparison to other small compacts the manufacturer. Of course, it also interest all those who want to have a small camera that gives good quality images and video, while the useful range of focal lengths."

Here is also LX100 and RX100 III reviews, both with around 12.3-12.4% distortion control at wide angle:
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