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Jul 16, 2010
I hope I am not intruding into your discussion!

G9's macro capabilities often amaze me. I got this shot of Paper Wasps building their nest earlier today. Paper Wasps are about 1cm in length so this is a dramatic blow-up! It was shot in RAW and PP-ed in ACR 5.7 and Photoshop Elements 8.

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Jul 12, 2010
Philly, Pa
Intrude! Come on man, ya know better than that.
I love all the G shooters coming out of the closet.
My garden is just starting to pop.
The G9 is still my favorite camera for that.

Your image is a welcome sight.
Keep them coming please.... Oh' and never ever feel your intruding anywhere on this forum.
It's your home as well as the rest of us.


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Nov 5, 2010
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Don, G9 or S95...which would you chose for out on the street?

Never used a Canon G. Hmmmm....the VF looks a little pokey, is it? and is it a pure OVF or do you get some exposure information projected up in that little prism too?


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Nov 5, 2010
Down Under
Thanks Nic. I thought as much. Great idea, and one that Canon has carried for a while....and yet not improved in either size or with additional information? Fuji has the prize :) Seems you get most of what's in the G package in the more pocketable S95?


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Jan 21, 2011
Houston, TX
I have the S90 as well. It's definitely the most "carryable" serious compact I've owned, nestling in an Olympus neoprene sport case on my belt not much bigger than a cell phone case. It overcomes the poor VF of the G having none at all. The S90 suffers from a very loose rear wheel that I've had to fix with an add-on ring that goes a little too far. Problem was addressed in S95, I hear. Image quality is good in strong light, so-so in weaker lighting.


Nov 10, 2010
Los Angeles
How did you find the G11 IQ lacking compared to the G9? I know the G10 was a bit packed in terms of pixels, but the G11 seemed generally regarded as an improvement due to sensor change.

Some of the other (non-IQ) aspects of the G11 seem quite appealing- wider angle lens, exposure comp. dial.


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