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I had seriously considered jumping on to an Olympus TG-5 given @NoSeconds challenge with his Olympus TG870. To this end I had dragged my Panasonic DMC-FT4 out of hibernation to have a play as my Panasonic DMC LX-100 is still out of action [just waiting for me to get my act together and fit a new LCD].

Anyway I quickly recalled my preference for a EVF and a tilt screen and just how frustrating using a LCD can be in daylight.

So I have decided to to cope with the lack of toughness that a camera of the ilk of the LX100 provides along with the negatives of making using of zip-lock bags as my waterproof kit [I am okay with not being able to swim with it] and will take the risk with my outdoor activities and make use of a case if necessary.

Anyway one of the frustrations with my LX-100 is that on the bike, I carry the camera in an Alpkit Fuel Pod (large). The LX-100 fits the Fuel Pod but the fit is a bit on the tight side with it being a bit of a hassle to get in and out [can be discouraging which is not ideal]. Whilst I can get an even larger top-tube bag, a Bike Bag Dude TT Garage Bag, this is largest size I am aware of, and it only gets me an additional 10mm of width. It might tick the box but I will not know unless I splash out the moolah.

This still leaves me with a camera without a tilt screen hence my interest in the Canon PowerShot G5X which apparently is the next best thing in serious compacts [1]. It also comes in at about 10mm narrower which may help with the fit, more so if I go to a bigger top-tube bag. I think I can get out of the LX-100 and into a second-hand G5X for not a lot of difference.

I am also aware of the Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 range but believe that they do not do a tilt screen plus I understand that the EVF functionality has a habit of turning off the camera. Add to this I am not super keen on the Sony colours. That all said I am not saying no to the Sony.

Anyway I am interested in any user experiences with the G5 X [or Sony] and even more so from anyone who has used both.

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