Canon Canon Powershot S95 and G12 to be Replaced in August?


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According to the site Canon Rumors, replacements for the popular Canon S95 and G12 Powershot cameras will be announced in August. The updates are expected to be incremental with small megapixel bumps and 1080P video option.

One good thing about these refreshes is that we see deals on the previous models. There's a good deal on a refurbished Canon S95 ($330) in B&H's used department right now and an even better deal on a refurb Canon S90 ($280), which is very nearly the same camera without 720p video.

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Rumor source: Canon Rumors via 1001 Noisy Cameras
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We have run out of the s95 and have no idea when we will be getting more in. If they are still in Japan it will be a good few months before they turn up.


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In The Great Compact Buying Spree of '09, I bought a Sigma DP2, Ricoh GRD III and Canon S90. All of them had very positive attributes that the others did not - the Ricoh had the edge in ergonomics and stealth, the Canon was a better all-rounder for stills, zoom and video, and the Sigma was just, well, a Sigma. The S90 often sat in a pocket or at the bottom of a bag until I needed good video, and I haven't seen the need to upgrade since then. If the successor is just an incremental improvement over the S95, I'll be happy to sit and wait for another while until something much better comes along.