Canon Showcase Canon S90/S95 images - Show yours


Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Bill, I see you've been up to your old tricks again - though I'm a little late here, I just wanted to applaud you for your good eye!:biggrin:

Alex, you've gotten some great shots with this camera and the X100 - I am sure you all had a fun time at this classic American circus - wonderful shots!


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Sep 28, 2011
They are TINY My S90 measures 100cm across, 55cm tall and 30cm deep at the widest point with the lens retracted. The lens has a very neat ring round it that you can use to adjust aperture, ISO, exposure comp, Manual focus, white balance and zoom. As good as it is it can't get to the X1 standard!!



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Dec 23, 2011
I just ordered a S95, abot 45 minutes ago. Searched for pictures, taken with the S95, and found this thread.
Normally i use a Nikon D200, but I want a compact for daily use, and it seems that I have found the rigth one :)

I am a bit astonished with the picture quality of the S90/S95 and i like most of the pictures posted in this thread.

I know that I now will get many more pictures taken, caused of the portability and picture quality of this thiny little thing.
Why did I wait untill the 23 of december, and the comming of holidays ? I can`t wait !!

(forgive me for spelling errors and so - Danish is my native languge)
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Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Alland44, first of all welcome! Second of all, I am sure you'll enjoy your new camera when it arrives. I've been thinking of buying one myself as that small take anywhere camera that still offers controls and has those wonderful out of the camera Canon colors!

Please don't worry a bit about your English - we're a community here from all around the globe. Fortunately, from my point of view, the site is in English because I'm sorely lacking in other languages save for a tiny bit of remembered French from my school days.:redface:

Please stop over and introduce yourself to everyone here on the Welcomes and Introductions forum so we can all say hello. You can begin a new "thread" or just add on to the sticky Welcome thread at the top. And promise to keep us up-to-date about your camera's arrival!


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Nov 12, 2010
MrDoug, some nice images you posted there, I particularly like the skin tones in the first - is that the out of camera jpeg, or did you do some PP'ing? Cute kids either way :)

BillN, I assume they have a non-plaster shark in the aquariums? looks like new year's day is supposed to look - cold, gray and quiet

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