Canon Canon T3i vs EOS-M


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Jun 3, 2014
So, it's come to my attention that Canon released a mirrorless (not too surprising) and that not only has the price on it plummeted to below half of the initial asking price (far more surprising, as Canon camera costs seem to linger a while).

Now I've played around with and quite enjoyed the T3i's video capabilities in the stock firmware, and have heard that its capabilities are even more impressive for a camera at its price point with Magic Lantern installed. However, the EOS-M boasts the same sensor as the T3i, and Magic Lantern has a stable build for them as well (albeit not exactly bug-free). They also sell an adapter to allow any of the EF and EF-S lenses to mount to the camera. I've read many reviews on them, and the early verdict was mixed-to-negative, with the opinions shifting upward after some firmware update and the price drop.

So, has anyone tried out the Canon mirrorless entry? If so, did you find it to approach the quality of the T3i, 7d, or it's ilk? It seems, from what I've been reading, that one of these would be a solid B cam, or with the 22mm pancake one it would be light enough to make a very simple DIY glidecam for. And with the price point of around half that of similar setups of the T3i, it seems one hell of a deal...but something just feels fishy about how little I've heard about it. Has anyone seen or experienced anything that would conflict with that analysis? If so, would you tend towards bulking your camera up with a T3i at the higher price? Or perhaps switching brands to another mirrorless with an NEX?


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Jul 13, 2011
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I had one. IQ is fine, the AF is still kind of slow, and the touch screen interface is pretty good. It certainly feels well made and the 22 is a great lens. If you have Canon stuff, I think it's a no brainer. I sold mine, but it was my one isolated piece of Canon equipment and I used the money to buy a lens for my E-M5.

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