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Jan 4, 2014
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Another camera recently added to my ever increasing collection.

Canon's stop gap AF camera until the EOS system was introduced, which featured an innovative pictorial mode setting system and three specially produced AF lenses that used a modified FD mount, whilst allowing the full range of normal FD lenses to be used in a manual mode....

Canon T80, AC 35-70, Agfa Vista Plus 200

Canon T80, AC 35-70, Agfa Vista Plus 200


Sep 18, 2017
Hello all,

I have just acquired a T80 and am quite charmed with it and its uglylovely AF 35-70mm slow zoom. My first SLR (mid-2000s) was a T50, which I missed, so the T80 is my updated look back down memory lane. My test roll is still being developed, but I've had some fun adapting the lens to my Olympus OMD EM10 mark II via a focal reducer. Here are some of those photos.

Before discovering the adapter allows the aperture to be operated manually via a lever, I shot these all wide open. The macros were shot using a Raynox macro adapter clamped on the end. The focal ring is odd to use, being only semi-exposed and has a slight resistance - presumably due to the lens having a motor built in for autofocus on the T80 body.
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