Feedback can't delete posts?


Jan 2, 2011
has the forum system been changed so that we can't delete our posts ?

I just started a thread then thought better of it and found I can no longer see an option to delete my post.

So I've been forced to leave an orphan thread with one character in the body which I expect is confusing for all concerned.

or am i simply being dim (again) ?


Sep 26, 2011
Minnesota USA
Kyle Krug
This may have changed. Now, you need to click on edit message, and then a "delete post" button will appear below the text edit box


Hall of Famer
Jul 3, 2010
It has always been this way. You cannot delete the first post in a thread because that deletes the thread along with everyone else's posts.

You are not, however, forced to leave only one character in the body.


Jan 2, 2011
thanks amin, but surely one should be able to delete a post if it is the first and only one in a thread?

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