Can't wait -- have a Canonet coming!


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Maybe I need to go find a film forum or something, but I've decided to try shooting a Canonet for a while. 40mm 1.7 Full Framey goodness (I hope!). Cost me a little less than the NEX7 ($50 with flash and viewfinder!) but it's still a serious compact!

Just dying, waiting for it to arrive!


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Nice little camera. I had one years ago and used it when I was at a party etc. It was safer than carrying a Leica. The lens draws wonderful. The film plane is perfectly flat and all in all, a real keeper.
If your souping your own B&W film, let me know. I have some formulae that you will love.
I could send you some chemicals but not sure if it's legal...


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Don, I am thinking of developing on my own. Anything you've got by way of recipes I'll take. Not sure about mailing chems. Let's skip that part and stick with recipes :)

Thanks so much!


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Ha! What was I thinking?? Talk about sloooowing down your shooting :)

I just had a flash back to the 70s and 80s where I'd take maybe a roll of 24 in a couple of weeks (with digital, you roll off 24 in about 20 minutes!).

Well, it's going to be an adventure, that's for sure. The camera is in nearly perfect condition, but it is essentially shutter speed control. I'm certainly encouraged more to think before I shoot. I'd load up some pics to share after getting the camera today, but, well, you know...