Capture One (moving from LR)

May 31, 2017
Central Florida
Timothy Williams
I might look at how well the On1 2019 update looks....and if it does better than 2018, I might go that way since I'm vested in that software anyway.
It's a huge improvement over 18 IMHO. And as Bobby said there is a free version of C1 Fuji. Oddly enough I never had any problems out of it.
Some have complained their files break down in On1. They didn't say 18 or 19 . I've had no problems but I'm not very heavy handed in Post either.


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Jul 15, 2017
East Midlands, UK
@AndyMcD your workflow will speed up as you learn Capture One. I was slower when I first did the switch.
I don't mind being slower tbh, I think it makes me more thoughtful and careful - particularly with black and white.

This is one from earlier, I haven't done too much with this one but there was haloing all round the tree when I applied clarity - I think that it would have been a struggle to hold this one together in Silver Efex.
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