Leica Showcase Carl Zeiss Jena 5cm F2.8 Tessar, chrome-nose, Contax mount, via Amedeo Adapter

The 5cm F2.8 Tessar never seemed to get the respect that the F3.5 version did. The original Black-Nosed version is stated to be a different optically. I have one, will do a close comparison.

This one had a bad front element when received, about the center 1/3rd had heavy cleaning marks. I replaced the front element from a parts lens. Then shimmed it to be between the Contax RF and Nikon S-mount. Used with a Nikon-Leica Amedeo adapter.

Wide-Open, on the M9.

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Gunston Hall

At F4,

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Gunston Hall
The Contax RF Mount 5cm F2.8 Tessar was labeled "A Dog", with the F3.5 being much more popular. I need to try out my even earlier black-paint version.


Tessar 5cm 2.8:



Brian, I'm having front focusing issues with one of these (collapsible prewar 2.8) on an Amedeo adapter - the RF reads 1.75m; correct focus is when the adapter reads 2m. It looks like it might be 8cm close at 1m. It's a very sharp lens, but I'm stumped as to what could be out of adjustment?

The Tessar uses a Shim- I remember having to make a new one when replacing the front element in this lens. The rear group has spanner slots, then I thing the front section comes out to reveal a shim- similar to an Industar-50. The front element is held in by the namering, rubber cork got it out. I remember it making sense once unscrewing things with the spanner, and actually going back together again. The Sonnars are easier- one set screw and the barrel unscrews from the mount.

It sounds like the shim is too thick to focus so far out.