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Carl Zeiss Jena 5cm F2 Sonnar T, converted to Leica mount



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FS: This is a wartime (~1941) Carl Zeiss Jena 5cm F2 Sonnar T converted to Leica Thread mount using the focus mount of a late Jupiter-8. I set the focus using the M Monochrom, and have tested it across range. This lens is usable at F2 across range, as shown in these images. When setting a Zeiss standard lens to work on a Leica rangefinder, a compromise must be made. For this F2 lens, at 1M the focus is very slightly behind the RF, the exact point is about 1/3rd way into the DOF rather than 1/2. This gives better agreement at infinity. I flood-cleaned the aperture blades, cleaned internal surfaces, and lubed the helical. Aperture ring stays in place, the rear retaining ring puts reasonable friction on it. Typically, Sonnar aperture rings turn too freely once the 70 year old grease is cleaned out of them.

This is one of the first coated lenses made, the coating on each of the outer surfaces is worn and uneven. Looking through the lens, you will see wear spots on the rear surface, and "blotching" on the front surface. In practice, they still do their jobs: I used a hood for these example Photos, but took a lot of back-lit shots.

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Focus test, closest focus and distance, at F2. Full image and 100% crops.

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More example shots with this lens, at F2 and with orange filter on the m Monochrom. Midrange and flare test.

- - - Updated - - -

Pine Needles- "Flare and reflection stress test", at F2.
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The wartime Sonnars are amazing. Zeiss "Tweeked" the optics, I believe used a new glass, around 1939. The edge-to-edge performance is improved. My 5cm f2 Sonnar T is from the same batch of 1000 lenses as this one. It was the second Sonnar that I converted.
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