Carnaval de Paris 2012


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Paris, France
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The "Carnaval de Paris" used to be a major world festival from the 16th century until it disappeared with the second world war. It only reappeared in 1998 and is slowly regaining some of it's former fame (though it still isn't considered a major event here).

This year's carnival took place last sunday, and I managed to "steal" my friend's GF3 to try his brand new 45mm 1.8 for a couple of hours. The 45mm 1.8 is a 90mm FF equivalent, a focal length I've rarely ever used, but I thought it would be appropriate for some event/street photography like this.

It was a bit of a struggle at first (I was often too close to frame properly) but by the end of the shoot I had a better idea on how to work with that lens.

All images shot wide open.


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