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I only have a lowly older Motorola cell phone, though it does have a camera. However, I've been seeing some fantastic photos taken with various cell phone cameras - such as the iPhone, to name one.

Please feel free to use this thread to show your stuff, as well as posting them within the other image threads.:cool:
I'll start us off with a funny looking one.


iPhone 4's built-in camera app + Lo-Mob app post-process
Andrew, yours is the photograph that prompted me to start this thread. You're making it awfully difficult for me to withstand the pull of the iPhone.;) I am amazed at what these good quality cell phone cameras can do!
I currently have a Nokia and, despite much marketing about the quality of the camera and Zeiss lens, it doesn't have a jpeg superfine setting, so the images are generally rubbish. My old Sony Ericsson was better. This is Freedom Square in Budapest:

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Hi guys, I have Tmobiles HTC thingamabobbie with a camera appt. Here's my shots. Sorry for the large
pics....was too lazy to resize them.

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Yours truly with my grandaughter

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What a face..... she has her moments...

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On the way to Cali from Arizona, this is by Indigo, Palm Springs area....

Cheers all,
Will, I think I've seen that soap image, which I love, before...probably on Flickr? I just can't get over the quality that some of these phone cameras can put out. Maybe I should rethink the Fuji and just go with an iPhone... I'm only slightly kidding. Beautiful colors and, as I already said, that last one of yours is a winner for me.:bravo-009:

Calling Pete, calling Pete...!:clapping: I know you've got some photographs to add in here.
Alf, I just saw this on your Flickr stream - it's a beautiful fresco, I think.

Oh you Europeans...not only can you get around to different countries easily, but to have relatives to stay with! I'm sorry to say that my sister lives in Buffalo, or just outside of it, and that is not exactly the place one longs to be in winter, or spring...or.... Fall might be the best season, I think.;)
new toy

Im sending these from my new love toy, tmobiles my touch 4g phone. Really nothing special about the camera, i just have more phones than cameras :redface: its been fun using it. I should have resized them but didnt learn how yet...hope u like them.

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Karen, many thanks for the majestic snow covered mountains - was Hannah driving?:D

Looking good, Pete!! Aha, so your GAS is for cell phones...

As you well know, I do like these very much. Now help a cell phone Luddite out here...with these did you import them and then apply the post processing effects? I noticed on your Flickr page that the description of the photos - over where it usually says what camera the image was taken with...yours would list the cell phone and then say "pinhole" or something along those lines. So is it an "in cell phone camera" effect?

Of this group, it's your first three that really get to me with their intensity.:2thumbs:
I guess I'll join the party. The first three of these were a couple of years ago when I first got an iphone and it was as good as any camera I had at that point. The third one I just decided to play with in Silver Efex when I pulled it up just now. The last one was just recently messing around with the Hipstamatic app (I think that's what its called).


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