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Phone displays are tough in general. I've not found one that can really punch through the ambient light of a bright day. In combination with punching up the screen brightness briefly, I've found that shading with the palm of one hand while controlling with the other works for me.
The most recent phones are quite capable of being viewed in sunlight.

Is it ideal, no. Useable, yes.

Ben Casper

Dec 2, 2015
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Ben Casper
Ben - Those are exceptional images!
David.... thank you for your comment which is most appreciated. I am truly amazed at what the iPhone is capable of producing and I am using it quite often these days. It works best for me in a close up/moody design situation.
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Aug 29, 2018
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This shot is a mark that I'll remember, a cell phone raw photo processed on the phone, turns out so good, even after a lot of dodging and burning not showing noise like I thought it would at 100%, and the highlights in the raw photo weren't blown out either, oh and the sharpness is what I would expect from a "proper" camera.

This phone, Xiaomi Mi9 SE, with its main camera built around the 1/2 48MP Sony sensor outputting 12MP due to pixel binning, with the help of Lightroom or in this case, a ported version of Google Camera (which is why the EXIF shows Google Pixel 3A phone) can do this.

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Nov 3, 2018
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Wrong EXIF as I was using the Google Camera app.
Interesting.... when I get to the house over the weekend I'll take a look to see if the actual values are buried deep in the meta elsewhere.

(The version of the EXIF display add-on we're using here makes it easy enough to look in different spots for the data, just a matter of telling it where to find it and in what order.)

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